The Dreaded 2 week Wait… TTC

Every woman trying to conceive knows what the 2 week wait means. Its the longest two weeks of your life! If you haven’t read my previous blog on Endometriosis and Infertility go read it before you continue to read this so you have a little better understanding of what I am personally going through.

(I also wanted to mention I’m not the best writer.. I had my mother in law proof read my last blog because it sounded like a 5 year old wrote it.. and it was all over the place. I write as I think so just keep that in mind) sorry in advance!

In February I was excited to start my first round of Femara (generic name is letrozole) this is an oral drug which can be an effective fertility treatment for women with ovulation problems, or for those with unexplained infertility. Remember when I told you my left ovary has a 4cm endometrial sack around it? Well, that means that Im basically only relying on my right ovary to produce follicles. Oh yeah and my follicle blood count was low.. I know I know… what else could possibly be wrong with me!? So, anyways the doctor started me on Letrozole, you take it on day 3-7 of your menstrual cycle. I had no idea what to expect being on this medication… I was hit like a ton of bricks! The first side effect I noticed is spotting for about 1.5 weeks after your period. My periods only last 3 days so I was bleeding for like 2 weeks! Next was the ACNE, and Oh My God my face broke out so bad, I cried it was so bad. If I didn’t have to leave my house I didn’t. And then the constipation… Yep! I got so grumpy because I was so backed up (TMI) but its true! I mean what kind of drug is this?!?! Just to name a few other side effects- Bloating, nightmares, hot flashes, red hot itchy hands (such a weird one) headache for a week straight and PMS! I’ll admit I get a little pms before my period but I turned into a such a brat, I was bitching at everything. I feel so sorry for my husband every time I take this medicine. He’s really understanding and knows its just the hormones and just does what I say. Lol 🙂  He’s such a trooper. On day 12-14 you start taking ovulation tests and go in to see your doctor for an ultrasound to see how the Letrazole is working. They look at your follicles and measure how big they are. I averaged 2-4 follicles mainly on my right ovary which is still pretty low and they were about 12-24 mm in size. They want to see them at about 20-30mm big. You continue to take ovulation tests until you get a positive and start timed intercourse .. You basically have to do the “baby dance” for a week straight… haha this is definitely easier Said that Done.

This is where the 2 week wait comes in. I waited a few days to start noticing for any changes.. and anytime I noticed any change in my body I thought I was pregnant! A little cramp here,  some spotting there, cervical mucus, frequent urination, gas, bloating, increased appetite, sore breast.. I mean I had it all the first month (or was it all in my head?) I wrote down every symptom I had until I literally went crazy. I would tell my husband that “I am so excited I know its going to happen this month!” We prayed every night for God to Bless us with a little baby and kept very positive. As you may or may not know, I am a beauty blogger so I watch a lot of youtube vidoes and last year started watching pregnancy vlogs and woman with their journey TTC.  After watching countless videos on TTC lots of woman said you can start testing for pregnancy as soon as 8 days past ovulation and see a Positive test! So I tested and it was negative. I anxiously waited a few more days then tested again, Negative. Day 11 comes along, I tested and it was negative. How could this be? I am having all these symptoms that every pregnant person talks about, so why is it negative!!!!? Day 14 comes and I start my period. I now know the meaning of heartbreak. All this anticipation that I built up, the waiting, the testing, the praying all for what? It literally feels like I wasted 3 weeks out of the month for nothing.

I took the Letrazole February and March then took a break from it in April just to see what would happen and to see if we could TTC without medicine.  I went back on it in May and this month (June) am taking another break.  We will still continue to “baby dance” but giving my body a break from this medicine is what I need.

I am constantly looking for answers. I read so many blogs and watch so many videos that I ask myself when is enough? When should I just throw my hands in the air and give up.? Giving up means I’m a failure and I don’t want to live knowing I could have done more.

Not sure how to end this blog, other than I will keep you updated on my progress.


My story Living with Endometriosis and Infertility.

Hey Ladies!! Its been a while since I’ve posted on here and I’m so sorry! This year has been quite the year for me and its only June…I wanted to come on here and share my story because I am finally at a point where I’m comfortable talking about it and knowledgeable enough to write about it. This post isn’t Beauty/makeup related but I think a lot of Beauties should be aware of Endometriosis and how important it is to listen to your body.

I wanted to come on here and talk about a few topics that  are often ignored and misunderstood by people. First topic is Endometriosis. “AKA The silent disease” I have been suffering with this since I was 14 years old but had no idea what it was. I thought painful periods were normal and thought every woman misses work because they can’t get out of bed from horrible cramps, abdomen, lower back pain and fatigue. This wasn’t just during my cycle the pain was all month long. I thought it was normal to complain every day and night to my family, friends and my husband. After many years of complaining and missing work I was concerned people though I was exaggerating or wanting sympathy, but this was not the case at all. My husband thought I was lying to get out of going to work or doing every day activities as I looked perfectly fine. I didn’t look sick and I was still able to do things like laundry and run errands etc. I would go from being in such pain I was hunched over holding my stomach or in the fetal position in bed to being just fine and wanting to go out and do something. There are days at work when I am so tired I would almost  fall asleep at my desk, or nod off driving home.  And when I get home the first thing I do is crawl in bed. This was the hardest for my family and husband to understand as how can I feel like shit in the morning and then later that day feel completely fine. Nobody Understood  they just thought I was being dramatic until I was finally diagnosed in January of this year with stage 4 Endometriosis.  It took 19 years for me to be correctly diagnosed and I am still angry about this. And I’m angry that it still takes 7.5 years on average for women to be diagnosed with this often debilitating disease.

The diagnosis for Endometriosis is often missed by OBGYNs. My doctor always said my pain level was normal and to take Ibuprofen every 4 hours as needed. I would take tons of over the counter medicine and nothing worked. There were times I needed something stronger but many doctors do not give out Prescription strength drugs for cramps as Controlled Substances are not prescribed lightly due to all the self-medicating and miss use.

Fast forward many years I finally put my foot down in October of 2017 and didn’t care about what anybody said and I listened to what my body was telling me. I scheduled a visit with my current OBGYN and explained that my husband and I have been trying to conceive but had no luck. She referred me to a specialist and this is where it all started to make sense. I saw Dr. B at a clinic in Seattle and she ordered a lot of tests to be done. First test was an HSG which is a hysterosalpingogram imaging test that is used to examine the cavity of the uterus and Fallopian tubes. In a hysterosalpingogram, dye (called contrast material) is injected through a tube inserted through the vagina into the uterus. (This was the most pain I have ever felt! It only last 20 seconds but I screamed in pain) Then the radiologist takes x-ray pictures as the dye flows through the fallopian tubes. The HSG test is used to determine where and what type of blockage is present, if any. The good news is that I had no fallopian blockage but the x-ray showed a 3 cm fibroid in the middle of my uterus. Dr. B said this was causing a lot of my symptoms. Heavy Bleeding, pain and Infertility. The size of the fibroid was the size of my uterine cavity. So basically if I did have a fertilized egg it would have no room to grow as there was a huge fibroid in the way.  She also did a trans vaginal ultrasound and that showed the Endometriosis surrounding my left ovary at 4 cm. She said it was stage 3, there are only 4 stages.  I wanted to also mention the only way to diagnose Endo is through a laparoscopy. However, they can tell from the ultrasound that you have it. I was devastated. I cried at night asking God why is there always something wrong with me? Why can’t I just be normal? I became more depressed every day.  I had the fibroid surgically removed which delayed us from trying to conceive for another month. The surgery went surprisingly well! The surgeon was happy with what he did and was actually shocked on how big the fibroid was and how I didn’t have this done earlier. I remember looking at him still drugged up and said I tried telling so many people but nobody believed me.  If it wasn’t for my husband putting a smile on my face every day I don’t know how I would have made it through this difficult time. He is my Rock!

After more research what I found out was astonishing! 1 in every 10 woman suffers from Endometriosis and there is NO CURE.

Endometriosis occurs when tissue that acts a lot like the lining of your uterus—called endometrium—starts growing outside of your uterus, where it doesn’t belong. These out-of-place growths, called lesions or implants, can cause severe pain and inflammation throughout the month. It can attach and wrap around your ovaries, bladder, bowel and many other places inside. Other symptoms are pain with intercourse, pain with bowel movements and urination, excessive bleeding and INFERTILITY.

My next topic is Infertility. I had no idea that Endo would cause me so much emotional stress trying to have a baby. Well, it has. My husband I have been trying for 1.5 years and 5 of those months have been monitored by a Specialist at Seattle Reproductive Medicine. If I would have known I had this disease I would have tried to conceive 5 years earlier because Endo doesn’t go away, it’s chronic and it can get worse.

I go back and forth in my head if I even want to have a baby anymore because of how financially and emotionally draining this is. Every month I go to the doctors 2-3 times to be monitored with the hormones and ultrasounds. On top of possibly missing work that month from being in pain, I’m missing work to see the specialist. The stress that that puts on me alone is overwhelming. I constantly worry about what my co-workers think and if I’m going to lose my job. It was hard to tell my supervisor every month I have cramps so often I made up excuses like I have a migraine but how many migraines can one have in a month? Ugh! I was so embarrassed but knew I had to tell him what was going on. Thankfully, he’s very understanding and suggested I apply for FMLA. Family And Medical Leave Act is a United States federal law requiring covered employers to provide employees job-protected and unpaid leave for qualified medical and family reasons. so I did and am awaiting approval. A weight was lifted off my shoulders knowing that my bosses and work associates care for me. However, this type of stress is not what you should have when trying to conceive. The doctors say I’m supposed to be stress free!! LOL that is so hard when in pain, taking hormones, getting ultrasounds, missing work, being a wife and worrying about what others think of me. It’s literally impossible!!

The point of this message is to make others aware of this nasty disease and that YOU are not alone. Many women are embarrassed to talk about it, and so was I until now. I don’t want anybody to feel sorry for me I just want to bring awareness. I want people to understand and do their research and have their family members even co-workers do research, so they can also know how to talk to you about Endo and how to help you to cope. If you have teenagers that complain of painful periods I suggest they go to their OBYGN right away to get examined. A routine annual is covered by insurance. I wish I would have spoken up when I was a teen but I thought all this was normal. There are a lot of support groups on FB and tons of information online. is a great source as well as Nancy’s Nook on FB that is a group with thousands of woman who suffer from Endo and is monitored by a few volunteers.  If you haven’t checked it out, I highly suggest you do. Nancy has a plethora of information and provides it to anyone who is interested in educating themselves about Endo and how it can affect one’s life.

Endo is part of my life and I have finally accepted it. Whether or not I will need Laparoscopy surgery in the near future is possible. I am seeing a new OBGYN this week and Ill be asking about surgeon recommendations. Whether or not I will be able to start a family is in God’s Hands. And If I can’t physically have my own child, adoption is always another option we will look into. But until then we pray every night and make an effort every day to be stronger then yesterday. #staystrong

UPDATE: I had Laparoscopic surgery 8/2018 with Dr. Pendergrass in Oregon and she excised 14 lesions all over my cervix, bladder, ovaries, bowel and removed my appendix.  They were all sent to the lab and it was confirmed Endometriosis.

If you guys are wanting to know if we have done IUI or thinking of IVF let me know and Ill write separate blog on that. Please don’t hesitate to comment below with any questions you have AND your story with Endo.

Here are some great articles to read about Endo and Infertility.

Jaclyn Hill Eye Shadow Palette| Review & Swatches

This Palette has been talked about for two years! We were all waiting for Jaclyn Hill to release this palette and take over the Beauty community. If you don’t know who she is… then who are you?!?!  She is the most recognizable beauty Guru on YouTube! She started off freelancing, worked at MAC cosmetics for years then started a YouTube channel to show off her work. She would post tutorials, hair and skincare routines, chit chat GRWM and Q&A’s. She has over 5 million followers on just You Tube alone, has collaborated with big brands like Becca Cosmetics and Morphe. The eye shadow palette that I’m talking about today is a collaboration with Morphe.  Jaclyn whipped up, formulated, tested, re-tested, and perfected it to make it one of the best selling palettes ever released by Morphe. Jaclyn is happily married to her husband Jon and lives in Tampa Florida


Ok ok.. so enough with the talking lets get to this Palette! The day it was released it sold out in like 40 minutes. I’m pretty sure she broke the internet. I couldn’t get my hands on it until the second wave and I must say I’m so glad I bought this beauty! I didn’t know what the hype was all about until I opened it up and swatched it… My mind was blown, my eyes lit up, all I could think of was unicorns and rainbows.. LOL ok, well maybe I’m being a little extra but I was like a little girl again taking millions of pictures,  swatching every color, my arms were full of swatches I had shimmery shadow on my beauty desk and phone for days!!!  So if you cant tell already I LOVE this palette. It retails for $38.00 and you can buy it here Jaclyn Hill Palette


Here are a few swatches of the shades. I have NO primer on my arm, they swatched smooth, super creamy and buttery. There are some mattes, shimmers, satins, foils and glitters for a total of 35 whopping shades. The longevity of the shadows are great and I do not experience any creasing especially when I use a primer on my eyeslide. She also named all the shades herself. The names come on a separate insert in the palate, they are not written under each shade, Morphe doesn’t tend to do that with their shadows anyways so I wasn’t surprised but you can download the names on their website or keep the insert that comes with it.

I like the shade range, to be honest I haven’t used the greens or deep reds on my eyes yet but have watched numerous tutorials and they all look beautiful. There are some haters out there that don’t like this palette of course its not everybody’s cup of tea. You can use this palette for an every day look to work with the neutral shades or do a super Smoked out dramatic look, with 35 shades you have endless options! They are extremely pigmented, a little goes a long way so you definitely want to blend blend blend!. She also mentions in her videos  when you use the shimmer or foil shades to wet your brush to make the shadow look more vibrant for that extra POP on the lid. I like to use the MAC cosmetics Fix plus for that OR oyu can use eye drops or any setting spray you have laying around.

Here a few pictures that I took for fun to show all you ladies (and gents) just how gorgeous it is.



Overall for the Price this palette is so worth it, and knowing I am supporting one of my favorite beauty gurus who I have watched even before she had 1 Million followers on You Tube makes me so happy for her. She has come a long way and is even coming out with her very OWN makeup line in the near future!

Thanks for reading this blog, please subscribe so you are notified every time I upload a new blog!


Profusion Cosmetics 2017 Holiday Collection | Pictures and Reviews

Today, October 5th is the BIG launch for Profusion Cosmetics 2017 Holiday Collection! I must say they nailed this collection, even down to the packaging it came in. Every palette was wrapped in a different color tissue, it looked like Christmas Morning! I love this brand because it is EXTREMELY Affordable yet the quality and pigmentation is Stunning!! If you are a beginner with makeup I would suggest these palettes because you don’t have to break the bank for great makeup. These are just a few of their palettes in the collection, but I will list everything else that I don’t have down below. Everything ranges from $5.00-$13.00 which is a Steal!

(All the Palettes in these picture’s are Profusion Cosmetics, everything else is my personal makeup) I post a lot of MOTD’s on my IG.

This Palette is the  Blush and Bronze Palette   Retails for $10.00 The pigmentation is great, some are chalky but remember its a $10.00 palette. I think for beginners its a staple to have in your collection. I wanted to mention the top right Bronze shade called Elated is Extremely buttery, and would look very good on deeper skin tones.


This Palette is the Sultry Palette Retails for $10.00 It is very appropriate for fall/Winter. You have a wide range of shades including mattes and shimmers. You can create so many looks using just this one palette! It also comes with a nice eye shadow brush (not shown in picture) I love the blues and the greens for a pop of color and then you have some neutral shades for an everyday look. The bronzer palette in this picture in NOT apart of the collection


This is the Pro Face | Professional Beauty Book   Retails for $12.99. Is another great palette which includes eyebrow wax, eyebrow powder, eyeshadows, blushes and bronzers. (Again, all other makeup and brushes in this picture is my personal makeup) They are different shades of blushes and bronzers than in the Blush and Bronze palette which I thought was pretty cool. You can take this traveling with you, it has all the essentials you need to do a full face of makeup


This is the Strobe and Glow   Palette which also retails for $10.00. I was comparing high end and other drug store highlighters to this palette and to my surprise some looked very similar! So it shows that a $10.00 palette is just as good if not better that a 50 dollar highlighter from Burberry OR a whole palette with 9 shades is just as good as a drugstore highlighter for $15.00. There is a wide range of shades for fair skin tones to deeper skin tones


This is the Brows Pro Makeup Case Retails for $7.00 I personally have not tried this palette yet, the soft brown shade looks nice but I have blonde eyebrows and these shades look too dark for me. I do like the fact that it has wax in it to set your brows, an eyebrow pencil and a spooley with a brush on the end. This would be a great palette for a brunette or dark haired person. I love how its small and compact so you can travel with it if needed.


Overall this collection is Amazing and the team at Profusion cosmetics slayed it! Almost all of the shades were buttery and soft, there were a handful that were chalky and messy but overall I recommend this to anybody, beginner or Pro. And the best part is, the most expensive palette is under $15.00! These prices are too good to be true for the quality and the amount of product you get. The packaging is nice and sturdy, its plastic but not flimsy at all. I don’t think it would break if you packed it correctly in your bag, especially the Pro Books.

I was sent all of these palettes complimentary from Profusion cosmetics for reviewing and testing. I was not paid

Other palettes included in their 2017 Holiday Collection

Define Brows: $10.00

Naturals Eye palette: $10.00

Mixed Metals Metallic Eyes: $10.00

Highlight Pro makeup case: $10.00

Contour Pro makeup case: $10.00

Glam Face Pro makeup case: $10.00

Eyes, Brows and Day face makeup case: $10.00 each

Mixed Metals lips: $5.00

Blush, Conceal and highlight Studio Icon Collection: $5.00 each

Eye and Cheek Artistry Palette: $10.00

Pro Highlight Professional Beauty Book: $13.00

Pro eyes Professional Beauty Book: $13.00

Beauty Treasure Box: $13.00

FabFitFun Fall 2017 Subscription Box | My Thoughts + Pictures

I don’t sign up for any subscription boxes anymore because receiving multiple boxes every month was getting overwhelming. I just didn’t need all those boxes/ products that I didn’t feel I would use because I was getting so much. However,  I REALLY like the Fabfitfun Box because it comes QUARTERLY! Summer, Spring, Fall and Winter. Each season they send you a box of $200+ worth items in categories like beauty, fashion, and fitness. You can also go on the website the month of and add Add-on products or items for a very discounted price. they ship to the U.S and Canada

Check out the website here and sign up for your next Box!

I have took pictures of the products I received and have a few reviews on the ones I have tested out.


The Organic Carbon + Coconut teeth whitening powder plus toothbrush retails for $43.95 Molr Dental Club

IMG_3281 (1)

Trestique Matte color and shiny Balm  Shade is Tuscan Wine Retails for $28.00


This cap is deceptive! Underneath is the actual lip crayon! It glides on so smoothly and provides great pigment.


And on the flipside you have a balm for extra moisture. (This is tinted but really doesn’t provide any color.)

Here is the lip crayon swatched:IMG_3286

Deco Miami Lavender Cuticle oil Retails for $12.50 This cuticle oil instantly moisturized my cuticles, but more importantly, it smells SO GOOD!


Whish Beauty Renewing Mud Mask Retails for $48.00  Whish is an ingredient-conscious brand that makes fruity-scented bath and body products This smelt really good, like a tropical paradise. I did use this today and I have mixed feelings about it. You only leave on for 15 seconds to 2 minutes which I wasn’t to excited about because I like leaving my masks on for 15-20 mins so I actually know its working. After washing it off I didn’t notice much of a different but I will continue to use it until  see results.



It claims to Renew, Purify and smooth & soften your skin.


My Tagalongs Hot and Cold Gel Pack Retails for $15.00 I was so excited to receive this because I get bad cramps, I have already used it and it worked Great! It came in three different colors. Its also perfect to take on the go and will fit perfectly in your gym bag for after your work out routine.


It’s freezable and microwavable, so it works for both heat and cold therapy.


Coxet Wire Heart Ceramic Jewelry Holder Retails for $33.00


This jewelry organizer is ceramic with a rose gold metal insert that stands like this. You can put earrings and bracelets on the wire part and rings or a watch on the tray part. I love the simple design, it will work on any vanity or side table.


Private Party Gym Bag Retails for $59.00. You got one of 3 phrases on it (annual subscribers) were able to pick out the phrase they wanted.


Mia Belt  Retails for $55.00. This is a closet essential you never know you needed! It is 100% synthetic leather and features a round buckle hardware. Tip: Style this with a large cardigan and loop it through the hole once for a streamlined look.


Mer Sea & Co Scarf Retails for $98.00 This cozy wrap is 100% polyester knit (SUPER soft) and measures about 93″ by 21″ (counting fringe).


Aside from using it as scarf/wrap, FabFitFun also recommends using this as a bed runner


Phew, this was a LONG blog and took me almost two hours to write! I hope you all enjoyed reading about these products and hopefully you found something you like! I highly recommend this box, its so worth it for all the expensive products you get! I cant wait to receive my Winter box and review that one too! Please leave comments below and follow me on IG for daily videos, pictures and reviews!

Nyx Cosmetics Luv Out Loud liquid Lipsticks | Review + Swatches

Nyx Cosmetics has been my favorite Drugstore brand ever since I can remember. I own probably close to 50-60 of their butter glosses, lingerie liquid lipsticks and their regular lipsticks. I love how they have a wide variety of lipsticks including liquid lipsticks, glosses, matte’s and shimmers.  This collection consists of 6 velvety matte shades. It takes a few minutes for them to dry down and they are completely transfer proof. I wont necessarily wear the bright purples (maybe during Halloween or Parties) but I have been mixing the two nude shades (Confident and Brilliant) together and they are beautiful. I always had a hard time wearing liquid lipsticks because they would crust off my lips be patchy or transfer.. We’ve all been that one girl who had liquid lipstick on their nose!! Like seriously, WTF how did it get on my nose!! Ugh, so annoying! I haven’t experienced any of that with this new collection. This collection is hands down my favorite because of the colors and the formula, I swear they changed their formula! Here are some swatches. Left to right-Top to Bottom: Extraordinary, Brave, Passionate, Fearless, Brilliant and Confident.

THE COST. These retail for $7.00!! You cant beat that price for a longwearing liquid lipstick that is comparable to high end brands.

WHERE TO FIND: You can find these on their website at  or and pretty much and drugstore.


Here are some Butter glosses and lingerie liquid lipsticks that I love and use all the time. Their shade range is incredible. The butter glosses cost anywhere from $3.50-5.00, Intense butter gloss cost $4.50-6.50 Liquid lingerie lipsticks cost $4.90-7.00 and their Matte Lipsticks $5.20-6.00.

They have so many different kinds of lipsticks I cant keep up! I encourage you all to try this brand and hope you love them as much as I do!


Royal and Langnickel * Moda Metallic & Prismatic Brushes| My thoughts |Dupes?

Royal and Langnickel * Moda Metallic & Prismatic Brushes| My thoughts |Dupes?

These Moda brushes are by far the most beautiful brushes I have seen/used since starting beauty blogging. But, just because they are gorgeous are they still worth buying? Well, I’m here to tell you everything you need to know! Sit back and enjoy some makeup brush talk! Please read until the end, I know its a long one 🙂


I have seen these brushes floating around Instagram and was so in love with all the beautiful pictures people were posting, I knew I was about to get a package, but I didn’t expect to receive practically the two whole collections! Right off the bat the generosity from the PR team was unbelievable. I am constantly posting pictures on IG and they always like and comment on my picture’s, so it shows that they love interacting with their customers which is GREAT customer service.  These brushes are 100% vegan free and synthetic. I have inserted pictures of these brushes that I have posted on my Instagram (which if you aren’t following me you should for daily pictures and videos!)


Let me go over all the brushes I received from them. From the Metallic collection I received the 5 piece complete kit which includes an *M20 Multi Purpose powder brush* M10 Angle foundation brush *M13 Domed Shadow brush * M21 Angle eyeliner brush. This set costs $19.99.  I also received the 5 piece Bold eye kit which includes* M19 shader brush* M18 Super crease brush* M17 Pointed Liner brush * M22 Brow brush. This set costs $14.99. I also received the Perfecting Kit (which are the gold Oval looking brushes which include a # 801 which is the largest brush for an all over cream liquid foundation application. Its recommended to move the brush in one fluid movement for a perfect flawless application, # 802 ideal for blush or bronzer application, #803 ideal to blend out your contour under your cheekbones, along your jawline and hairline, # 804 which is the smallest brush perfect for precise areas around your eyes for concealing or to contour your nose. This set costs $24.99 You don’t need to buy the sets, you can buy each brush individual which I like, because most of the time I only end up using one or two in a set. All sets do come with a beautiful bag to either store your brushes in or to travel with.


From the Prismatic collection I received the Face perfecting kit which are the oval brushes, this set cots $24.99. The 4 piece Base Face kit which includes a Multi purpose brush, stippler brush and a pointed foundation brush, this costs $ 19.99


Overall, these brushes are high quality. I have never had a problem with the hairs shedding onto my face, I have washed them multiple times and they still look brand new. I definitely think this company is underrated AND QUITE POSSIBLE A DUPE for the Artis brushes that run upward of $160.00!! I also have the Artis brushes, but for the price and quality these brushes work just as good if not better. I love how detailed the handles are, they have a nice weight to them and they honestly blend out my makeup and eye shadow so well. My favorite brushes have to be the stippler brush to blend out my contour, the powder brush to set my foundation and all of the eye shadow brushes. The hairs are extremely soft, and don’t scratch your eye lids at all. If you have any questions about these please comment below, I would love to give you tips on how I use certain brushes or recommend some more of my favorites.


I was sent these brushes complimentary from the company and all opinions are 100% my own, I was not paid to write this review.


Want to win $100 dollars towards this Beautiful JORD Wood Watch?!

IMG_0569.JPGSo I  was a contacted by two very very nice Gentlemen at JORD Watches after they saw me on IG and read my Blog. When I received the email and read that they wanted to send me any watch to partake in a Giveaway for my followers to win $100 dollars towards a timeless JORD watch, which by the way is the most gorgeous watch I’ve added to my collection..  I was completely shocked! After looking on their Website I continued to be in Awe of these stunning Timeless watches, they dont even take batteries!

I picked the Koa and Rose gold series watch Linked here:  KOA AND ROSE GOLD WOOD WATCH.

This watch is absolutely beautiful, I can’t stop staring at it!  The packaging and wood box is just perfect . Cutest box to put your watch in and it looks great on your vanity.

I’ll be hosting my a GIVEAWAY for one of you to win $100 dollars toward any JORD watch, this ends Aug 13th! CLICK HERE TO ENTER GIVEAWAY!💗 The Woman’s watches range from around $140-275 and Mens $139-$295
AND THE BEST PART, for everybody who enters the contest, you will automatically win a $25 dollar gift card! So essentially you win either way! Both $100 and $25 gift cards expire October 10th!
ALSO it’s Amazon prime week, so Jord Watches like this one have been marked down 30%!  To get a great deal through Amazon click on this link: JORD Wooden Watches for Women!


IMG_0592IMG_0607 (1)IMG_0594IMG_0609IMG_0580

3 Cream Highlighters that you NEED

IMG_0459Three cream highlighters that every beauty lover should try. I picked these three because they are all so very different, and unique in their own way.

The top Cream highlighter is from a company called YBF Beauty and the name is Dripping Bling illuminating crème. First off, how cute is the packaging! I’m a sucker for packaging and the fact that it has rhinestones on it makes it that much better! This is a light pink crème highlighter and is very silky and velvety feeling. I love pink highlighters on my skin tone ( I’m a redhead and pale as can be) lol. This compliments my undertones perfectly. Love putting this on my check bones, and have also used it on the middle of my eye lid over eye shadow for an extra POP of color. The cost is $ 24.80 Here is the website:

The middle highlighter is from a very well known Makeup company called Marc Jacobs and the name is Glow Stick Illuminator Highlighter in shade Spotlight. I love the fact that its a portable roll up crème stick that you can take on the go and the Glow up anywhere! This one is absolutely stunning and comes off as more of a champagne shade compared to the other two. This will compliment all skin tones in my opinion. I like using this one on my cheek bones, tip of nose, cupids bow, my collar bones and shoulders. I like to apply this one using a brush and dab it on, because I have noticed when you use the stick it can take off some of your makeup. You can also apply this under your foundation and set it with a powder highlighter. The cost is $ 42.00 Here is the website:

The last highlighter is from a company called Winky Lux. I have never heard of them until they reached out to me on IG. This one is called strobbing highlighter balm in  shade Lit. It looks like they have changed their packaging and it comes in a circle compact now. This crème highlighter is BLINDING! Its comes off as a white pearl shade, this would compliment fair skin tones as well. This ultra smooth cream melts into your skin and you are glowing to the GODS! If you want to be seen from a mile away, this will be your best choice! You can also apply a powder highlighter over top if you want to be super extra! As you can see from the pictures its like a “whipped” consistency , a little goes a LONG way. The cost is $16.00 and the website is

These are all very affordable, of course Marc Jacobs is on the higher end but still worth the splurge! Comment below if you want me to start a series of my top 3-5 blushes, bronzers, powders etc.

Head over to my IG page and watch a video clip of these swatches. IMG_0460

Skin Cancer statistics + What is your Go-to product for Natural Glowy skin?


I’ll  be honest.. I have tried dozens of “self tanners” in the past 10-15 years. I’ve even used tanning beds for many years which is horrible for your skin. The skin cancer rate in the U.S is unbelievable. Caner of the skin is by far the most common of all cancers. Melanoma accounts for only about 1% of skin cancer but causes a large majority of skin cancer deaths.

How Common is Melanoma?

  • About  87,110 new melanomas will be diagnosed (about 52,170 in men and 34,940 in woman)
  • About 9,730 people are expected to die of melanoma.

These rates of melanoma have been rising for the last 30 years!

For more information on Skin cancer you can read articles at

I have tried everything from Foams, wipes, gels and even bronzing sticks! But none of them compare to this Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer in my opinion.  This is a moisturizer that you put on after you’re done in the shower and still wet. ” Apply before you dry”  What I do is wipe the excess water off my arms and legs , take a dime size amount of product on each leg and arm and rub it in. It will still be wet, but that’s ok. When blended with water it glides right on to lock in moisture and gradually build a natural looking glow throughout the day! I have noticed when applying it around my ankles it can get patchy and look a little orange but its not bad at all. Simply pat dry with your towel and that’s it. No stains, No mess!  Jergens also has a wide range of Moisturizer’s, cleansers and creams!

Its one of the easiest products I have used and I am surprisingly shocked with the results. I wouldn’t say it gives you a “glow” but it gives you a nice natural looking sun kissed tan. There are two shades. Fair to Medium and Medium to Tan. The cost is $8.64 depending on where you buy it. You find this product at pretty much any drugstore and grocery store. Always look for coupons when going to the drug store like CVS and Wallmart, there are always deals going on.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me complimentary from Jergens, as always my opinions are 100% my own. I was not paid


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