One of my Favorite drugstore makeup and skincare line is PixibyPetra Beauty



You can find a wide arrangement of Pixi products at Target or on their website at One of my favorite products from them are their facial sprays, there is 6 different kinds- Glow Tonic, Glow mist, Makeup fixing mist, Hydrating milky mist, Sun mist and Vitamin wake up mist.  The cost between $15-29. The swatches are the Gel Tint and Silk Gloss. There are three shades. One end has a lip tint and the other a lip gloss. I think this comes in very handy, you only need to bring one lipstick instead of two! These are $12.00 each. I also put in some swatches of the new Sheer cheek gels. There is also three shades and you only need a little dab as it is very pigmented. These are $14.00 each.  I love the highlighters and blushes these are called the Glow-y Powders. There is two highlighters and one Blush. This was a collab done with a well known beauty guru on Youtube named Aspyn Novard. These are $16.00 each The Glow tonic to- go pads are one of my favorites. I use these pads right before bed to remove all the excess dirt and oil off my face. They are pre soaked pads to help tighten, hydrate and gently exfoliate. The cost is $18.00. I receive these products complimentary from Pixi, all opinions are 100% my own. Head over to my IG to see daily swatches and more pictures.




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