3 Cream Highlighters that you NEED

IMG_0459Three cream highlighters that every beauty lover should try. I picked these three because they are all so very different, and unique in their own way.

The top Cream highlighter is from a company called YBF Beauty and the name is Dripping Bling illuminating crème. First off, how cute is the packaging! I’m a sucker for packaging and the fact that it has rhinestones on it makes it that much better! This is a light pink crème highlighter and is very silky and velvety feeling. I love pink highlighters on my skin tone ( I’m a redhead and pale as can be) lol. This compliments my undertones perfectly. Love putting this on my check bones, and have also used it on the middle of my eye lid over eye shadow for an extra POP of color. The cost is $ 24.80 Here is the website: http://www.ybfbeauty.com

The middle highlighter is from a very well known Makeup company called Marc Jacobs and the name is Glow Stick Illuminator Highlighter in shade Spotlight. I love the fact that its a portable roll up crème stick that you can take on the go and the Glow up anywhere! This one is absolutely stunning and comes off as more of a champagne shade compared to the other two. This will compliment all skin tones in my opinion. I like using this one on my cheek bones, tip of nose, cupids bow, my collar bones and shoulders. I like to apply this one using a brush and dab it on, because I have noticed when you use the stick it can take off some of your makeup. You can also apply this under your foundation and set it with a powder highlighter. The cost is $ 42.00 Here is the website: http://www.marcjacobs.com

The last highlighter is from a company called Winky Lux. I have never heard of them until they reached out to me on IG. This one is called strobbing highlighter balm in  shade Lit. It looks like they have changed their packaging and it comes in a circle compact now. This crème highlighter is BLINDING! Its comes off as a white pearl shade, this would compliment fair skin tones as well. This ultra smooth cream melts into your skin and you are glowing to the GODS! If you want to be seen from a mile away, this will be your best choice! You can also apply a powder highlighter over top if you want to be super extra! As you can see from the pictures its like a “whipped” consistency , a little goes a LONG way. The cost is $16.00 and the website is http://www.winkylux.com

These are all very affordable, of course Marc Jacobs is on the higher end but still worth the splurge! Comment below if you want me to start a series of my top 3-5 blushes, bronzers, powders etc.

Head over to my IG page and watch a video clip of these swatches. IMG_0460

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