Want to win $100 dollars towards this Beautiful JORD Wood Watch?!

IMG_0569.JPGSo I  was a contacted by two very very nice Gentlemen at JORD Watches after they saw me on IG and read my Blog. When I received the email and read that they wanted to send me any watch to partake in a Giveaway for my followers to win $100 dollars towards a timeless JORD watch, which by the way is the most gorgeous watch I’ve added to my collection..  I was completely shocked! After looking on their Website I continued to be in Awe of these stunning Timeless watches, they dont even take batteries!

I picked the Koa and Rose gold series watch Linked here:  KOA AND ROSE GOLD WOOD WATCH.

This watch is absolutely beautiful, I can’t stop staring at it!  The packaging and wood box is just perfect . Cutest box to put your watch in and it looks great on your vanity.

I’ll be hosting my a GIVEAWAY for one of you to win $100 dollars toward any JORD watch, this ends Aug 13th! CLICK HERE TO ENTER GIVEAWAY!💗 The Woman’s watches range from around $140-275 and Mens $139-$295
AND THE BEST PART, for everybody who enters the contest, you will automatically win a $25 dollar gift card! So essentially you win either way! Both $100 and $25 gift cards expire October 10th!
ALSO it’s Amazon prime week, so Jord Watches like this one have been marked down 30%!  To get a great deal through Amazon click on this link: JORD Wooden Watches for Women!


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