Royal and Langnickel * Moda Metallic & Prismatic Brushes| My thoughts |Dupes?

Royal and Langnickel * Moda Metallic & Prismatic Brushes| My thoughts |Dupes?

These Moda brushes are by far the most beautiful brushes I have seen/used since starting beauty blogging. But, just because they are gorgeous are they still worth buying? Well, I’m here to tell you everything you need to know! Sit back and enjoy some makeup brush talk! Please read until the end, I know its a long one 🙂


I have seen these brushes floating around Instagram and was so in love with all the beautiful pictures people were posting, I knew I was about to get a package, but I didn’t expect to receive practically the two whole collections! Right off the bat the generosity from the PR team was unbelievable. I am constantly posting pictures on IG and they always like and comment on my picture’s, so it shows that they love interacting with their customers which is GREAT customer service.  These brushes are 100% vegan free and synthetic. I have inserted pictures of these brushes that I have posted on my Instagram (which if you aren’t following me you should for daily pictures and videos!)


Let me go over all the brushes I received from them. From the Metallic collection I received the 5 piece complete kit which includes an *M20 Multi Purpose powder brush* M10 Angle foundation brush *M13 Domed Shadow brush * M21 Angle eyeliner brush. This set costs $19.99.  I also received the 5 piece Bold eye kit which includes* M19 shader brush* M18 Super crease brush* M17 Pointed Liner brush * M22 Brow brush. This set costs $14.99. I also received the Perfecting Kit (which are the gold Oval looking brushes which include a # 801 which is the largest brush for an all over cream liquid foundation application. Its recommended to move the brush in one fluid movement for a perfect flawless application, # 802 ideal for blush or bronzer application, #803 ideal to blend out your contour under your cheekbones, along your jawline and hairline, # 804 which is the smallest brush perfect for precise areas around your eyes for concealing or to contour your nose. This set costs $24.99 You don’t need to buy the sets, you can buy each brush individual which I like, because most of the time I only end up using one or two in a set. All sets do come with a beautiful bag to either store your brushes in or to travel with.


From the Prismatic collection I received the Face perfecting kit which are the oval brushes, this set cots $24.99. The 4 piece Base Face kit which includes a Multi purpose brush, stippler brush and a pointed foundation brush, this costs $ 19.99


Overall, these brushes are high quality. I have never had a problem with the hairs shedding onto my face, I have washed them multiple times and they still look brand new. I definitely think this company is underrated AND QUITE POSSIBLE A DUPE for the Artis brushes that run upward of $160.00!! I also have the Artis brushes, but for the price and quality these brushes work just as good if not better. I love how detailed the handles are, they have a nice weight to them and they honestly blend out my makeup and eye shadow so well. My favorite brushes have to be the stippler brush to blend out my contour, the powder brush to set my foundation and all of the eye shadow brushes. The hairs are extremely soft, and don’t scratch your eye lids at all. If you have any questions about these please comment below, I would love to give you tips on how I use certain brushes or recommend some more of my favorites.


I was sent these brushes complimentary from the company and all opinions are 100% my own, I was not paid to write this review.


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