Nyx Cosmetics Luv Out Loud liquid Lipsticks | Review + Swatches

Nyx Cosmetics has been my favorite Drugstore brand ever since I can remember. I own probably close to 50-60 of their butter glosses, lingerie liquid lipsticks and their regular lipsticks. I love how they have a wide variety of lipsticks including liquid lipsticks, glosses, matte’s and shimmers.  This collection consists of 6 velvety matte shades. It takes a few minutes for them to dry down and they are completely transfer proof. I wont necessarily wear the bright purples (maybe during Halloween or Parties) but I have been mixing the two nude shades (Confident and Brilliant) together and they are beautiful. I always had a hard time wearing liquid lipsticks because they would crust off my lips be patchy or transfer.. We’ve all been that one girl who had liquid lipstick on their nose!! Like seriously, WTF how did it get on my nose!! Ugh, so annoying! I haven’t experienced any of that with this new collection. This collection is hands down my favorite because of the colors and the formula, I swear they changed their formula! Here are some swatches. Left to right-Top to Bottom: Extraordinary, Brave, Passionate, Fearless, Brilliant and Confident.

THE COST. These retail for $7.00!! You cant beat that price for a longwearing liquid lipstick that is comparable to high end brands.

WHERE TO FIND: You can find these on their website at http://www.nyxcosmetics.com  or http://www.Ulta.com and pretty much and drugstore.


Here are some Butter glosses and lingerie liquid lipsticks that I love and use all the time. Their shade range is incredible. The butter glosses cost anywhere from $3.50-5.00, Intense butter gloss cost $4.50-6.50 Liquid lingerie lipsticks cost $4.90-7.00 and their Matte Lipsticks $5.20-6.00.

They have so many different kinds of lipsticks I cant keep up! I encourage you all to try this brand and hope you love them as much as I do!


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  1. ooh gonna have to try out the luv out loud line!! they look sooo great! i looove the butter glosses too! love your pics ❤


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