Jaclyn Hill Eye Shadow Palette| Review & Swatches

This Palette has been talked about for two years! We were all waiting for Jaclyn Hill to release this palette and take over the Beauty community. If you don’t know who she is… then who are you?!?!  She is the most recognizable beauty Guru on YouTube! She started off freelancing, worked at MAC cosmetics for years then started a YouTube channel to show off her work. She would post tutorials, hair and skincare routines, chit chat GRWM and Q&A’s. She has over 5 million followers on just You Tube alone, has collaborated with big brands like Becca Cosmetics and Morphe. The eye shadow palette that I’m talking about today is a collaboration with Morphe.  Jaclyn whipped up, formulated, tested, re-tested, and perfected it to make it one of the best selling palettes ever released by Morphe. Jaclyn is happily married to her husband Jon and lives in Tampa Florida


Ok ok.. so enough with the talking lets get to this Palette! The day it was released it sold out in like 40 minutes. I’m pretty sure she broke the internet. I couldn’t get my hands on it until the second wave and I must say I’m so glad I bought this beauty! I didn’t know what the hype was all about until I opened it up and swatched it… My mind was blown, my eyes lit up, all I could think of was unicorns and rainbows.. LOL ok, well maybe I’m being a little extra but I was like a little girl again taking millions of pictures,  swatching every color, my arms were full of swatches I had shimmery shadow on my beauty desk and phone for days!!!  So if you cant tell already I LOVE this palette. It retails for $38.00 and you can buy it here Jaclyn Hill Palette


Here are a few swatches of the shades. I have NO primer on my arm, they swatched smooth, super creamy and buttery. There are some mattes, shimmers, satins, foils and glitters for a total of 35 whopping shades. The longevity of the shadows are great and I do not experience any creasing especially when I use a primer on my eyeslide. She also named all the shades herself. The names come on a separate insert in the palate, they are not written under each shade, Morphe doesn’t tend to do that with their shadows anyways so I wasn’t surprised but you can download the names on their website or keep the insert that comes with it.

I like the shade range, to be honest I haven’t used the greens or deep reds on my eyes yet but have watched numerous tutorials and they all look beautiful. There are some haters out there that don’t like this palette of course its not everybody’s cup of tea. You can use this palette for an every day look to work with the neutral shades or do a super Smoked out dramatic look, with 35 shades you have endless options! They are extremely pigmented, a little goes a long way so you definitely want to blend blend blend!. She also mentions in her videos  when you use the shimmer or foil shades to wet your brush to make the shadow look more vibrant for that extra POP on the lid. I like to use the MAC cosmetics Fix plus for that OR oyu can use eye drops or any setting spray you have laying around.

Here a few pictures that I took for fun to show all you ladies (and gents) just how gorgeous it is.



Overall for the Price this palette is so worth it, and knowing I am supporting one of my favorite beauty gurus who I have watched even before she had 1 Million followers on You Tube makes me so happy for her. She has come a long way and is even coming out with her very OWN makeup line in the near future!

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