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Thanks for stopping by to check out my Blog! My name is Amanda and I am the Creator of Anchored_2_Beauty!  I’m a makeup enthusiast from Seattle, WA. I am not a certified Makeup Artist, but I am a certified Makeup Junkie! I wanted to start a Blog to get my content out there for more people to see, and after having success with my IG page I figured I would start a blog and write more in depth reviews on the products I enjoy and receive. Here you will find honest product reviews, swatches, tips and tricks that I’ve learned along the way and much more! I have loved playing with makeup ever since the beginning of high school when there was no primer, no beauty blender,  IG or YouTube to turn to for advice. Let me tell you, my foundation color was about 2 shades off!  Fast forward many years I started watching Youtube videos like Jaclyn Hill and Cassey Holmes and Kathleen Lights to name a few. I quickly fell in love and started an IG page. It first started out with selfie’s then slowly graduated into posting makeup pictures after I got a ton of compliments on my makeup! Mind you back then I had a very small collection.. Each week I gained more and more likes and followers and of course my makeup collection grew as well! I slowly started sharing reviews and MOTD’s (makeup of the day) and soon after I dedicated my page to everything beauty and makeup related! I changed my name to Anchored _2_Beauty and that’s how it all began! The makeup community is unbelievably supportive and I have met a lot of amazing woman whom I talk to on a daily basis and have helped me so much with my page and even my blog! Thanks to my followers, I couldn’t have done this without you!

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